Artist Statement



For me, the camera offers the opportunity to preserve a moment that is often overlooked so that it is embedded in the eternal motion of life. When I successfully communicate the world as I see it, hopefully it will awaken in you a desire to tread more gently on this delicate Earth. If I can influence even one person to take a closer look at the diversity of life, all of which depends on our respect for its survival, I will perhaps have served as a catalyst for others to also become aware, and in turn to be part of the dynamic process of truly making a difference. This is my greatest inspiration.

Peggy Roth Major has shown her work in many local and national arts festivals and exhibits over the years and received numerous awards including Best of Show, Awards of Excellence and Blue Ribbons. She has a B.S. in Art, Cum Laude and is currently a member of the North River Arts Society as well as a gallery artist at the South Shore Art Association.